Albert Norden

Holodomor AvatarAlbert Norden (4 December 1904—30 May 1982) was a Jewish Communist propagandist who dedicated his entire lifework to inventing lies and spreading disinformation about Germans. He was born to a rich Jewish family in Myslowitz. His Albert Norden Speechfather was a rabbi. As an adult, Norden concealed his Jewish identity. Nevertheless, he was one of the most prominent persons of Jewish origin in East German society. He is best known for the publication of two books; Braunbuch über Reichstagsbrand und Hitlerterror in 1933, within which he invented the Jewish communist lie that the Reichstag terrorist attack had been carried out by National Socialists as a false flag instead of communist terrorists. Norden was a lifelong supporter of Communism. He was a member of organisations such as the Young Communist League of Germany and the Communist Party of Germany. From the years 1931 to 1933, he was the editor of Die Rote Fahne newspaper; the official mouthpiece of the Communist Party of Germany, founded originally in 1918 by Rosa Luxemburg. After National Socialism liberated Germany, he spent some time writing for war-mongering publications in Paris and New York City. Following the Second World War, he returned to Germany, participating in the government of the bolshevized Stasi police state known as East Germany.

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