Holodomor AvatarThe Gulag was the Jewish NKVD’s system of forced labour and extermination camps. Any person suspected of disagreeing with the Jewish Bolshevik Government could be kidnaped by the Jewish secret police or Cheka and

Nazino, The Jewish Gulag.

Nazino, The Jewish Gulag.

deported to a Gulag. The most infamous of these camps was the desolate island of Nazino also known as Cannibal Island. Among the many atrocities women and children were raped, tortured and The Nazino Gulag (Cannibal Island)butchered. Speculation has that Jewish Cheka returning home after their stint in said Gulag were subjected to name calling like ‘Nazi’ for the Nazino Gulag. It is also highly significant that the Jewish Bolshevik USSR was said to have banned the term Nazi after 1932, and the use of the word Fascist was encouraged against the German enemy.

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