Socialist Revolutionary Party

Holodomor AvatarThe Socialist Revolutionary Party, or Party of Socialists Revolutionaries was a major political party in early 20th century Russia. The Socialist Revolutionary Party was established in 1902 merging numerous local socialist groups which had been established in the 1890’s most notably Workers’ Party of Political Liberation of Russia created by Grigory Gershuni in 1899.The party’s ideology was built upon the philosophical foundation of Russia’s Narodnik or Populist movement of the 1860s-70’s. The Narodnik school of thought was revived and substantially modified by a group of writers and activists known as “neonarodniki” (neo-Populists) notably Grigory Gershuni whose main innovation was dialogue with Marxism and integration of some of the key Marxist concepts into their thinking and practice. Thus whilst the SR is reputed to have participated in terrorist activities included robberies and assassinations prior to the seizure of Russia such atrocities are attributed to the (Jewish) Combat Organisation also founded in 1902 by Grigory Gershuni. Post 1917 the Party split into pro-Bolshevik and anti-Bolshevik factions.

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