Russian Social Democratic Labor Party

The Russian Social Democratic Labor Party (RSDLP) also known as the Russian Social Democratic Workers’ Party or the Russian Social Democratic Party, was a Central Marxist political party formed in 1898 to unite the various subversive organisations in the Russian Empire into one body. The establishment of the RSDLP owes itself to the LSEWC, a group of Marxist agitators founded by Vladimir Lenin and Julius Martov in the autumn of 1895 whose subversive network of printed propaganda and agitation had provided the ideal backdrop for the new party. While key players in the LSEWC curiously Lenin and the Jew Martov only turn up as members of the RSDLP just prior to the 2nd congress and it was here in 1903 that Lenin and Martov contrived a dispute over membership of the party that would lead to a dialectical split resulting in a hardline Bolshevik (majority) under Lenin and more liberal Menshovik (minority) under Martov enabling the Jew Jacob Schiff to finance both sides to ensure a Marxist future for Russia.