Vladimir Antonov-Ovseyenko

Holodomor AvatarVladimir Alexandrovich Antonov-OvseyenkoVladimir Alexandrovich Antonov-Ovseyenko (9 March 1883 – 10 February 1938), real surname Ovseyenko, party aliases the ‘Bayonet’ (Штык) and ‘Nikita’ (Ники́та), a literary pseudonym A. Gal (А. Га́льский), was a prominent Bolshevik. Various writers have claimed Ovseyenko was Jewish and though this site cannot find a reliable source for these claims this does not negate his Jewishness. Lenin’s Jewish heritage was only confirmed 70 years after his death. Ovseyenko joined the Bolshevik party in May 1917 taking part in the October stage of the Bolshevik seizure of Russia and led the Bolshevik assault to capture the Winter Palace resulting in his election to the Council of People’s Commissars on War and Navy Affairs the very first military government agency of the Bolsheviks created on November 8th, 1917 the day after the seizure of Russia and soon thereafter given a high position in the Red Army. Antonov-Ovseyenko was a close ally of Leon Trotsky and on 21 December 1917 was put in charge of the Red Army in Ukraine and southern Russia. The Red army subsequently captured Kharkov, where Bolshevik power in Ukraine was proclaimed leading to Ukrainian Nationalist (OUN/UPA) resistance. He was also responsible for the brutal massacre of the Tambov Resistance during 1920-1921.

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