Matvei Berman

Holodomor AvatarMatvei Davidovich Berman (April 10, 1898 born in Andiranovka, Chita, Transbaikal Oblast – March 7, 1939 in Kommunarka, Moscow Oblast) was a Bolshevik intelligence officer and head of the Gulag Jewish Bolshevik concentration camp system from 1932 to 1937. Berman was the son of a Jewish brickyard owner joined the Bolsheviks in June 1917and the Red Army in 1918. In August 1918 he joined the Cheka and was named chief of state security in the city of Glazov. In November 1929 he helped develop the Gulag system of concentration camps and became deputy chief of the Gulag in 1930. From June 9, 1932 to August 17, 1937 he was head of the Gulag. By 1935, by his own count, Berman was in charge of over 740,000 prisoners in the Gulag concentration camp system.

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