Ilya Ehrenburg

Holodomor AvatarJewish Bolshevik RapeIlya Ehrenburg was a Jewish Bolshevik writer and journalist best known as the top war propagandist for the Bolsheviks during World War II and the inventor of the Holocaust mythos. Ehrenburg exhorted Bolshevik troops to rape and murder Europeans and authored an especially vitriolic leaflet entitled “Kill,” which was circulated among the BolshevikRed Army’ on the Eastern Front: “Break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill! You gallant soldiers of the Red army.” Under Ehrenberg’s orders the Bolshevik Red Army raped more European women than had been raped before in the history of the world. They abused and starved to death more babies than there ever were Jews in Germany. They raped and debauched millions of European women and children from eight to eighty. They brought to their death five times as many Germans in one year of peace as died during five years of war. It is estimated that at least 2 million European women and children were raped, often repeatedly, by Bolshevik soldiers’ post 1945. However, the crowning achievement of Ehrenburg’s career came on December 22nd, 1944, when he invented the Six Million Jewish ‘victims’ of National Socialism and introduce that figure into Jewish Bolshevik propaganda.

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