Jewish Bolshevik Murderers

Holodomor AvatarThe Jewish community composes merely 2-3% of the global population yet contains a considerably high percentage of violently sadistic murderers many of these inhabiting the Jewish Bolshevik state apparatus that existed from 1917, throughout WWII and continues on after the apparent ‘collapse’ of Communism into the current politically correct Marxist regime.

One thought on “Jewish Bolshevik Murderers

  1. I grew up in the communist dictatorship of Cuba, got out to Canada at the end of 88, Just before the collapse. I am watching Europa: The last battle. I always wanted to know where the communist a ideology came from. Watching this 10 part series has blown my mind in ways that I could never imagined. Jewish people supposedly, are God’s chosen!!! What kind of God can choose this people as the ones? People full of degenerates, savagery, hate, greed and discuss. Jews created the story of Jesus christ, to keep gentiles under control.
    It brakes my heart seeing the millions of people around the world, that Jews have murder and sponsor genocide. They sure have played the world into serving them.

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