Aleksandr Ulyanov

Holodomor AvatarAleksandr Ilyich Ulyanov1887 – Aleksandr Ilyich Ulyanov: the older brother of Vladimir Lenin organized an assassination attempt on the life of European Monarch Alexander III. In 1886 Ulyanov became a member of the terrorist group of a successor to the Narodnaya Volya (People’s Will). Both the main ideologist of the group and author of its program Marxism was its obvious influences. In keeping with its earlier incarnation and Jewish comrade Vera Figner Ulyanov began preparing an assassination attempt on the life of Tsar Alexander III. On March 1st 1887, the day of the sixth anniversary of The 1881 assassination of Tsar Alexander IIAlexander II’s murder, Ulyanov and his comrades, suspected by the police, were arrested in the Nevsky Prospekt, where they were going to throw bombs into the Emperor’s carriage. It is known as “The Second The First of March”. Ulyanov the chemist who prepared bombs, was arrested later and in court had the chutzpah to give a political speech. All the conspirators were initially sentenced to death, yet Alexander III in his good grace pardoned all but the five who actually partook in the assassination attempt. Thus on May 8, Ulyanov and his comrades Pakhomiy Andreyushkin, Vasili Generalov, Vasili Osipanov and Petr Shevyrev were hanged at Shlisselburg.

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