Holodomor AvatarThe ‘pogrom’ represents one of the most ambitious propaganda campaigns in Jewish history. It is a fabricated term invented by the Jewish tribe to impose their interpretation on periods of unrest in Eastern Europe. The most horrific charges were laid against the Russian Empire of fiendish atrocities committed against Jews on a genocidal scale, thus engaging ethnic European sympathies and ensuring that mass Jewish chain migration to the West went on untroubled and unhindered by nativists.

While the term ‘pogrom’ was coined specifically to refer to periods of unrest in Eastern Europe, their strategy can be traced back through European history as a whole. It follows a pattern in which the Jew commits egregious offenses against the host nation for example ritual murders and usury to which the native public backlash. At this point, with clever use of their network of international brethren, the Jew is always able to conjure up the image of mindless violence against an innocent minority turning a disastrous situation brought on by their criminal activities into a victory. Meanwhile, the resulting so called ‘expulsion’ from the nation in question only serves to spread the Jewish tribe into other areas of criminal ‘opportunity’. The ‘pogrom strategy’ was used to leverage emotional capital from unsuspecting nations and was replaced with the Holocaust construct because it had more global propaganda reach.

Further reading

The myth of the Pogrom


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