Andriy Melnyk

Holodomor AvatarAndriy Melnyk (December 12, 1890 – November 1, 1964) was a Ukrainian military and political leader. Melnyk served as an officer in the Austro-Hungarian army as a volunteer with the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen for which he commanded a company. Due to his kind demeanour, he was referred to affectionately as “Lord Melnyk” by fellow Ukrainian and Austrian officers, who felt that he embodied the English concept of a gentleman, which at that time had been an ideal in Central Europe. Melnyk was taken prisoner by the Russians in 1916. In captivity, Melnyk became a close associate of Yevhen Konovalets and joined the Ukrainian independence movement. Together with Konovalets, Melnyk founded the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) in 1929. After WWII, Melnyk escaped to the West and lived in Luxembourg, West Germany, and Canada. He remained politically active and headed a number of Ukrainian émigré organizations. He died in Clervaux, Luxembourg, at the age of 73. In 2006, the Lviv city administration announced the future transference of the remains of Yevhen Konovalets, Stepan Bandera and Andriy Melnyk leaders of OUN and UPA to a new area of Lychakivskiy Cemetery specifically dedicated to heroes of the Ukrainian liberation movement.

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