Aleksandr Antonov

Holodomor AvatarAleksandr Stepanovich Antonov (1888 – 24 June 1922) was the leader of the Tambov Resistance against the Bolshevik regime between 1920 and 1921. Like many Socialist Revolutionaries, he had rallied to the Bolshevik cause for a time, and had been the head of the local militia in Kirsanov, his native region. However, in August 1918 he became wise to Bolsheviks lies and assumed leadership of one of the many bands of Bolshevik opposition that roamed the countryside, fighting guerrilla style against Cheka detachments seizing crops. When the peasant resistance took hold in Kirsanov in August 1920, Antonov organized both a highly effective peasant opposition and a remarkable information network that infiltrated even the Tambov Cheka. He also organized a propaganda service that distributed tracts and proclamations denouncing the “Bolshevik commissarocracv” and mobilized the peasants around key popular demands such as the end of crop seizure, the elimination of Bolshevik commissariats, and the disbanding of the Cheka. On 24 June 1922, he was killed in the firefight against the Cheka along with his brother, Dmitriy. Documents state that he fought to the end, never laying down his weapon, and perished near the village of Shybriay. He was cornered by a Cheka detachment near Borisoglebsk and killed. Antonov was buried in Tambov, along with the other members of his group and his brother Dmitriy, near the walls of the male monastery Kazan Mother of God on the fifth day after he perished.

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