The White Movement

Holodomor AvatarThe White movement and its military arm the White Army also known as the White Guard was a loose confederation of Anti-Communist forces that fought the Jewish Bolsheviks during the seizure of Russia (1917–1922/3) and continued operating as militarized associations both outside and within Russian borders until roughly the Second World War. The White movement were opponents of the Red Army. They said they would bring law and order and the salvation of Russia, fighting against traitors, barbarians, and murderers. They acted in response to previous Red aggression and worked to remove Bolshevik organizations and functionaries in White-controlled territory. In the 1920s and the 1930s, the White Movement established organisations outside of Russia, which were meant to depose the Bolshevik Government with guerrilla warfare, e.g., the Russian All-Military Union, the Brotherhood of Russian Truth, and the National Alliance of Russian Solidarists.

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