The Green Movement (armies)

Holodomor AvatarThe Green movement was a popular reaction to Bolshevik activity in the countryside during the Jewish Bolshevik capture of Russia 1917-1922. It consisted of armed peasant groups known as Green armies who fought to protect their communities from Bolshevik crop seizures. While no specific political ideological statement formulated the Green army’s manifestations of peasant fury their operations were marked by concentrated leadership and distinct units, displaying a high level of organization. Green bands conducted highly mobile guerrilla warfare, attacking Bolshevik communication systems, mills, railways, and plants, as well The Atrocities of Jewish Bolshevismas Red Army detachments if they were comparable in size. This suggests that the mood was violently anti-Bolshevik and given Bolshevisms murderous intentions towards the peasantry this was only natural.

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