Mykola Stsiborskyi

Holodomor AvatarMykola Stsiborskyi also may be spelled Stsiborsky, Stsyborsky, Ściborski, or Sciborski (1897 – August 30, 1941) was a Ukrainian nationalist politician and founding member of the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN). One of its chief theorist he served on the Provid, or central leadership council and from 1930 lived in Paris and organized OUN branches in Ukrainian émigré centres in Central and Western Europe. Stsyborsky praised Italian Fascism’s “duty, hierarchy, discipline” and wrote that society should be organized according to the principles of National syndicalism, a socioeconomic system adopted by Benito Mussolini. He elaborated the ideology of ‘solidarism’ (organic social solidarity) and state corporatism in official OUN publications. Stsiborskyi considered democracy and capitalism inseparable and fundamentally flawed. Nature was inherently unequal but democracy and capitalism required the fallacy of equal rights and freedoms to bind the weak to the capitalist system thus becoming enslaved by the financially strong. The democratic slogans of universal brotherhood were merely sentimental, empty phrases (propaganda). Democracy thus became a playground for competing groups, each promoting its own interests rather than those of the nation as a whole. Consequently the most creative, talented, and best elements in a democratic society retreat from politics in disgust. Stsiborskyi has been accused by certain sources of pro-Jewish sentiments in his writings. However, it is highly suspicious that those sited are modern Marxist theorist and due to their bias are in dispute.

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