Red Terror

Holodomor AvatarThe Red Terror was a campaign of mass torture, murder and systematic oppression conducted by the Jewish Bolsheviks during 1918.  The Cheka and the Red Army executed numerous European farmers. At Odessa the Cheka tied White officers to planks and slowly fed them into furnaces or tanks of boiling water; in Kharkiv, scalpings and hand-flayings were commonplace: The skin was peeled off victims’ hands in a “glove” like fashion; the Voronezh Cheka rolled naked people around in barrels studded internally with nails; Europeans were crucified or stoned to death at Dnipropetrovsk; the Cheka at Kremenchuk impaled members of the clergy and buried alive European farmers; in Orel, water was poured on naked prisoners bound in the winter streets until they became living ice statues; in Kiev, Chinese Cheka detachments placed rats in iron tubes sealed at one end with wire netting and the other placed against the body of a prisoner, with the tubes being heated until the rats gnawed through the victim’s body in an effort to escape. Estimates for the total number of Europeans murdered in the Red Terror are over one and a half million.