5 thoughts on “Contact

  1. What the Jews want to happen
    usually does happen – especially
    if it’s of a purely criminal nature.

    For example, the Jews wanted all
    Kennedys dead – and five of them
    were either assassinated or killed
    in dubious accidents.

    While fighting in WW2 – to save
    the Jews’ worthless hides – Joe
    Kennedy Jr was blown up in his
    aircraft – not by enemy fire.

    Likewise, the Jews didn’t want
    the American patriot Charles
    Lindbergh in the White House –
    and his baby son was kidnapped
    and murdered. And Lindbergh
    had no clue what hit him – and
    may well have went to his grave
    none the wiser.

    The worst possible mistake
    to make with the Jews is
    to doubt their bestiality.

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