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  1. What the Jews want to happen
    usually does happen – especially
    if it’s of a purely criminal nature.

    For example, the Jews wanted all
    Kennedys dead – and five of them
    were either assassinated or killed
    in dubious accidents.

    While fighting in WW2 – to save
    the Jews’ worthless hides – Joe
    Kennedy Jr was blown up in his
    aircraft – not by enemy fire.

    Likewise, the Jews didn’t want
    the American patriot Charles
    Lindbergh in the White House –
    and his baby son was kidnapped
    and murdered. And Lindbergh
    had no clue what hit him – and
    may well have went to his grave
    none the wiser.

    The worst possible mistake
    to make with the Jews is
    to doubt their bestiality.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful website. It´s informative and the information given should stand in every school book. In Europe we have only annoying stuff showing the Jews would been victims but there was in no single history lesson anything shown about the Ukrainian Holodomor or that Jews were those who organized it. I don´t know how I saw things before but I am thankful that you have shown me the light in all that darkness. I brought it up in school and teachers started attacking me massively with verbal threat, during others pupils were highly interested after shown them the proofs. Teachers gathered together in a conference to give me in all oral marks F grades even when I was better and took part into the lessons well. So schools are today political indoctrination centers similar as the Jewish murder centers in which the Ukrainians become massacred. Keep up the good work !

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